Tower of Peace


The Tower of Peace is the work of Sir Erik’s latter years. The most important goal of the Tower and its members is to bring peace to the countryside surrounding Takk. This is done mainly by reaching out to the various bandit communities, which mostly consist of labourers that have fallen on hard times, and offering support and stable work. When banditry for the sake of banditry is uncovered, it is dealt with in a swift and merciless fashion.

The Tower serves as a meeting place and home for many of its members. Those who live in the surrounding area are also free to place bounties on the post boards within the Tower.


There are several factions that serve distinct and important roles within the tower.


The Guards are city guards from Takk. It’s members serve both the Tower of Peace and the City of Takk, and most split their working time equally between the Tower and the City.

A Guard’s role is to maintain friendly relations between the Tower and the City and to maintain order within the inhabited regions of the countryside that would normally be beyond the reach of the City.


Rangers are those who are in tune with nature. The wilderness near Takk is a dangerous place, home to animal and bandit alike.

A Ranger’s role is to explore and locate new and remote bandit threats, and to improve the understanding of the nearby wilderness.

Berserkers and Straight Arrows

The factions of Berserker and Straight Arrow are separate ideologically. Berserkers quest for personal gain and Arrows quest for a higher ideal, but they provide the same value and have the same role within the Tower.

A Berserker or Straight Arrow is called upon when combat is necessary. Although this is a last resort, the Berserkers and Arrows are required often. Such is your lot when you choose to deal with bandits.

Notable People

Founder Sir Erik Rothchild
Berserker Frum
Straight Arrow Gordon El-Bensor
Ranger Trelthi

Tower of Peace

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