A Delicate Peace

Day 03 ~ Do You Like Eggs?

As the leaving date of the caravan gets closer, our party decides that they cannot stand by and let their fellow ToPeers head into what is most likely DEATH AND DOOM at the hands (claws?) of whatever is responsible for the barbs. Sir Erik is by the stables, speaking to two Barro warriors in blue robes who leave on horseback shortly after Dawn arrives. She convinces him that it is better to send a small party to deal with the creature, and a caravan only after the danger is gone.

Finding peeps to go on the mission:

  • Vladek goes to the kitchen to bake his “Cinnamon Special Pie”, Dawn is pretty interested.
  • Vladek and Dawn bait the Buttplugs (?) into joining the mission, by essentially telling them that it’s too dangerous for the likes of them. It works, well, for one of them: Gorb, the Gord.
  • Freyja just tells Frum that the excursion is happening and he happily accepts to join.

Onwards to the cave:
On the outskirts of ToP, Dawn can tell that there are horse tracks that go towards the cave, and then back again but heading towards Barro instead of the ToP.

Far over the misty mountains cold,
to dungeons deep and caverns old,
we must away ere break of day,
to seek the pale enchanted gold.

They reach the cave and the bodies that had been rearranged before were once again spread randomly.

Vladek and Dawn had a pretty elaborate plan involving gunpowder, torches and sawdust that they brought from the Tower of Peace, stealth and general carefulness were also part of the plan…. but they manage to completely botch the explanation to Torren, so most people just got blinded and hurt pretty bad right away. So then they headed back into the cave, the normal way, and killed the monster, the normal way.
Freyja enraged Gorb into going berserk and they were both hacking and slashing at the creature’s huge eggs.
Trying to collect the ichor from the creature, Dawn discovered that it corroded though everything, except the golden coated weapons and containers from the loot pile. The eggs were huge and heavy and squishy, connected to the cave and each other by some tissue but Dawn made a sled of sorts to haul it along for Zyxx.
Like the call of a mermaid, Vladek’s adventurer spirit took him into the depths of the cave beyond the eggs. According to our poet DM “it twisted, it turned, it descended” and our pirate dwarf reached the other side after going through a strange feeling of upside-down. He spent some time there and brought back a leaf, as proof of what lies on The Other Side. Once reunited, however, the leaf suddenly developed the same burning characteristic displayed by the golden coated weapons.

Back to the T.o.P, with my P.Y.Ts.

  • Gorb was positively infuriated at having been the puppet of Freyja’s berserk… spell? Refused to speak to anyone on the way back and was in the foulest of butt moods.
    Gorb: “I refuse to associate with your egg thing!”
    Freyja: “We like eggs, ok?”
  • Frum was a bit frazzled but overall chill, having gotten some loot of his own.
  • The egg that Dawn was lugging around ended up dying, probably because it belonged to The Other Side and didn’t have a place in this world. She continued carrying it anyway.

Sir Erik informed the gang that his contact in Barro is named Belle Murdock.
And that the Barro warriors that passed by the Tower of Peace were disciples of Emree Artin, the half-elf who brought magic into favor and was responsible for sealing away the city of Vos.

Day 02 ~ Much ado about nothing.

After days trekking in mud and rain, countless battles and inexplicable events, our party decides that things went pretty perfectly considering all that could have gone horribly wrong (which was a LOT) and head back to the Tower of Peace.

Our heroes explained to Sir Erik what they found: Sharrah had perished long before they reached the cave containing the mysterious glowing orbs and loot. The knight had trouble believing this fantastical story and with a mix of grief and disbelief, ordered that a caravan retrieve the bodies of the fallen soldiers. Despite our champions’ warnings, he set the excursion to leave in 3 days time, when the storm was set to pass.

Chillin’ Out~
Our party headed back to the Dining Hall for some chicken and tubers (?), where they found Frum: a lively Barbarian fellow, dwarf-like in his features but a human in everything else. He took an interest in Vladek’s newly acquired axe and swung it around wildly, before promising to go on the excursion and get himself one of the same.
Dawn took to the Ranger’s table, and spoke to Trelthi, a half-elf that Dawn stereotypically assumed, knew much about unknown. She was shown the items collected from the cave’s golden loot pile (a necklace, a knife and a lockbox_) and Trelthi said that “the bow material matched something that shouldn’t exist”_, warning Dawn of its inherent danger. She also recommended a visit to her cousin Zyxx, an elf who worked as a zoologist in Takk’s Zoo.

Vladek’s Specialty ~
As a bit of relaxation, Vladek introduced his famous Powder Drinking Game. For those unaware of the seafaring ways, it is a game in which people take turns hitting a pile of gunpowder with a hammer. This continues until the powder explodes. Rules are still a bit murky, possibly due to the drinking aspect of this game. Dawn is very bad at it and got drunk enough to head up to the Peggers’ table and rudely harass them about their favorite food, the answer to which she promptly forgot, for the 100th time.

Guns don’t kill people.

@ the Zoo
The companions head to Takk to visit the zoologist. They arrive, excited to see the animals, but since the storm spread all over the continent, none of them were out.
Zyxx, full elf and even fuller nerd, sat amidst a wide array of plants and jarred creature parts: his life is his research, clearly. Some weird interactions ensued, one of which involved Zyxx silencing Torren by shushing him with his finger, which promptly added “no notion of personal barriers” to Dawn’s stereotype of elves.
From the barbs, Zyxx determined that the beast has an exoskeleton, from which said barbs detach. And upon further….licking it, he concludes there was one week left of poison in the receptacle, most likely a timer that coincides with the hatching cycle of some sort.

@ the FUNeral
After the zoo, our party went to the Joyeth Manor, to pay respects to Sharrah’s family and maybe just get paid in general for having rescued the twins from a quite possibly fatal fate. In addition, the only enchanter in the city was said to reside in the Joyeth’s service.
It was not a warm welcome and any hope of getting thanked was quickly thrown out of the window, much like the goblets that the enraged Lady Joyeth threw at the incoming party. Dawn is unimpressed by this lack of gratitude and angrily reminds the lady that she still has two other children, saved by their hands. The party learns there and then that the twins were not exactly the favorites… Freyja Nat20d the mother into calming down, handing her the dogtag that once belonged to her beloved daughter. Lord Joyeth sends our champions away without so much as a blimp of the help they came for but Vladek beautifully bluffs his way with a servant outside, who takes us to Cameron (the Enchanter) and also the most obnoxious person on the continent.
Dawn presents the golden coated necklace to Cameron, who says the items aren’t magical. He also cannot enchant it, but requests to inspect the necklace further, and gives our heroes a Writ of Passage so they can return at a later date.
“Let’s head to Moose Knuckle or whatever” Freyja announced, referring to the Knave’s Codpiece. They decided instead to fuck shit up at some random bar with no affiliation to them.
Coin in hand and an eagerness for PokerDice, our heroes start playing with the sole intent of starting a brawl.
Aha! A sketchy looking fellow, perfect.
Dawn decides to kick-start the brawl and aggravate this dude, who then throws a bunch of dice at her face. She catches them all with one hand, and rolls them into a straight, which I guess also helped to kick-start the fight.

Notable Brawl Badassery:

  • Management closes a heavy wooden window that was obviously devised for moments such as these.
  • The band picked up the pace to match the chaos that was about to happen.
  • Torren cut off the belts of three people, leaving them with fallen pants and fallen prides (also, short of 25 gold)
  • Freyja straight up destroyed someone’s nuts… in detail.
  • Dawn fails pretty much everything else and swings from a chandelier, landing on a group of people fighting but also, on Vladek (friendly fire is always a hazard in brawls, I guess, it was out of love.)
    When everyone is down except our awesome companions, they meet in the middle for A GLORIOUS HIGH FIVE and to down whatever mead was still lying around.
Day 01 ~ The !clothed Hills


Eagle Messenger’s note:
“Make haste to the Tower of Peace”.
Vladek gets information from Vinther, the barkeep, that the bandits seem more cruel as of late, almost like a sickness of insanity.
Torren suggests Vladek install a safety on his pistol, and Vladek hands his weapon to the gnome with complete trust. Alas, Torren fails to succesfully build a mechanism.

At the Tower of Peace
Freyja banters with the guards, who tell her the Joyeth kids have been missing for a week after having gone on a mission. {Phillip and Lilian (twins) and Shara}
Dawn learns a recipe for soup using Red Peppers from another land.

Journey to the NakedCaves
[Instance#1] Bandit found stumbling on the road, under heavy rain. Torren had a great idea of pretending to be a child and asking for directions, but the bandit went crazed as soon as he saw him. Dawn lets an arrow fly and it hits the bandit’s knee, removing the lower portion of his leg, but that does not stop his crazed advance towards Torren. Freyja graples the bandit and notices a black and yellow spike protruding from his neck. Dawn wraps her hands on her cloak and removes the weird spike and the bandit’s rage (Biktor) is quelled.
“We were… stacking the loot… Orthos… burned hand… everyone down… I can’t… my LEG!!”
The party manages to stabilize him despite clearly not needing to, and continue towards the cave.

Dawn is scouting and hears a loud rumble of something quickly coming down the road. Everyone hides in the woods to wait and see.
A carriage, led by two large meese, barrels though the muddy road. Riding both animals, one foot in each, a berserker stands, reins in his spiked gloved hands. 6 bandits in total but 2 more of note: one wielding a greatsword and one wielding a great axe, with a mohawk and a mask (Bane style). It is revealed that all bandits are full of the same spike we found on Biktor and that two of the bandits are actually Lillian and Phillip, the twins we were searching for.
Badass battle stuff that I remember because the DM is all about going fast which means no time to write down the details (please feel free to add):
- Dawn headshots the berserker in charge of the carriage, taking his head clean off which makes the carriage topple and the meese go free.
- Freyja NAT20 tosses one dude into another with crazy strength.
- Vladek singlehandedly gets all spikes off of Lillian with minimal damage.
- Dawn does the elfy thing of perpetually shooting while walking backwards and 1V2s the greataxe and greatsword dudes. She faints but Torren is there to stealthy wreck the hell out of greataxe guy and save the day with a potion.
- Dawn (nearly dead still) barrels through the woods and tackles Phillip who was going for Freyja, making it easy for her to take off the spikes.

Party manages to take down all bandits and save the twins. They even get Red Pepper Soup and a tent made for them in the woods, as the party continues to the Naked caves yet again. Dawn takes the spiked gloves from the Berserker she headshotted, Vladek appraises it to be of dwarven make. Cool.

Pile of treasure chests and pile of weapons of old design, that appear to be made of gold and silver, but upon inspection, are coated with something neither gold nor silver.
A pile of bodies lay in front of the cave, one of them being Shara, the last of the missing siblings. Dawn inspects the chests and kicks one of them in the rain. The rain seems to not expect to find the chest there, and falls on it in a strange way. Vladek manipulates some weapons he finds and the coating seems hot to the touch through his gloves, he inscribes a rune of purification and the burning ceases.
In the cave, Torren finds glowing orbs that seem like mushrooms and a black figure which could be a large stone. Vladek and Dawn go for further inspection but Dawn recognizes them as eggs, not mushrooms and Vladek senses the black figure rustle. We get the hell out of there.
eggs + giant creature that probably killed multiple people by throwing stingers at them, we decide to write a warning in front of the cave and take some of the weapons with us (cool +1 and maybe take a look at the properties of that coating) back to Tower of Peace, since we completed the mission with surprising flawlessness and there’s no use poking a giant spider after such a miraculously good day.

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