Fifty years have passed since the separatist city of Vos was removed entirely from the continent of Barro. The walls surrounding Vos were crafted from old magics in centuries past; old magics revived by the high mage Emree Artin for the express purpose of eliminating Vos and quelling separatist ideas forever.

In the years since The Sealing little has been done to stabilize the land. Bandits roam the countryside freely, barely kept in check by independent peacekeeping organizations.

The adventure of Dawn Thisslebloom, Freyja, Torren Dar-Vargos, and Vladek Karlsson begin in the early days of this year’s Spring. On the First of Spring, a group consisting of the Joyeth Twins, Phillip and Lilian, as well as their older sister Sharrah were sent from Tower of Peace to make contact with a nearby rehabilitated bandit camp. When they failed to make return contact, a highly effective faction within the Tower was sent to investigate.

A Delicate Peace

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